Tuesday 31st May 2016,
Norsemen MCC
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Our charity for 2016 is Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, a charity which takes in 1500 animals per year and provides care for them until they are found loving homes.

For more information about Raystede, visit the Raystede Website.



The Norsemen

MCC Sussex

Welcome to our web site, have a look around, see what we get up to and do feel free to come and say “Hi” and have a beer with us if you see us out and about.

The Norsemen are a Sussex based club of diverse members. Our club house is based in Hastings, oh yes that lovely sunny seaside town on the south coast of England, that had a little battle a few years ago (1066). Our members have all types of bikes, from “pocket rockets” to “customs” and “trikes”.

As a club we get up to all the usual things that bikers do. Building bikes and trikes, ride outs, rallies, parties, falling over from too much beer and also breaking down on the side of the road, which seems to be one of our favourite pass times!

Each year we organise the “Chase the Ace Rally” and “Poker Run” to raise money for charity. The rally usually runs from a Friday to Sunday in the summer, with all the usual things that a rally has to offer. Good company, camping, bands, food, and of course lots of bikes & booze.
The Poker Run takes place on the Saturday with five stops to ride to, in what ever order you want. At each stop you to pick a card once you have five cards you hand in your cards and at the end of the day the person with the highest Poker hand wins, prizes down to third place.
Look out for further details on our “Events” page.

We attend a number of different rallies each year. Over the last few years our members have won a number of trophies in custom shows. Best Rat and Best Trike at “Euro Trike rally” in Belgium to name one. We encourage our members to customise their bikes and support them in doing so. This ranges from full on hard tail chops to minor changes along with some very nice trikes.

If you are looking to join a club and are interested in being a part of a club that looks after their fellow Bro’s, enjoys bikes and beer then feel free to come and have a chat with us.
For prospective members we have a hang around period in which we get to know you and you can see what we get up to. Then we will invite you to Prospect for us until you are made up to full member.

Our club house is open on Friday nights, so if you fancy a beer and a laugh then give us a call and come on down.

Martin-President 07963183258 mart26@fsmail.net
Ade-Secretary 07880921028