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Norsemen MCC


Norsemen MCC Sussex is based in Hastings East Sussex. We are a family friendly club with true dedication shared among brothers. The Norsemen MCC was formed between 2003-2004. Obviously we have a shared interest in motorbiking, but also we regularly organize money raising events, such as our well known Chase the Ace rally and Poker Run  in support of varying charities.

To date, with the help and donations from those that have so generously attended our past events, we have raised in excess of £16,000 for local charities since our club was formed. And we certainly do not intend to stop there. With your continued support in attending our future events, we really can make a difference.

Every year we hold many events, but our main one is

The Chase the Ace Rally & Poker Run.

Over the last 11 years, with your help, our events have raised over £16000 for the various charities we have supported.


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Issued: Monday 16th January 2012
Poker run raises £3,000 for Air Ambulance

A Hastings motorcycle club has raised enough funds from its annual Poker Run to help Sussex Air Ambulance potentially save a life. Norsemen Motorcycle Club held the 90-mile ride in aid of the life-saving charity for the second year in a row. Each rider who entered collected a playing card from five different stops in Rye, Bodiam, Burwash, Horam and the rally campsite at Catsfield. The winner of the 2011 Poker Run with the best five-card poker hand was Neil Johnson from Gravesend with four Aces and a Queen.

The men-only Norsemen Motorcycle Club has raised funds for a number of local charities since it was formed seven years ago President Kevin Martin said: “The Poker Run in 2011 was a huge success. The club chose Sussex Air Ambulance for the last couple of years because of their amazing work. It is an extremely worthy cause which relies almost entirely on donations and it was a privilege to help them. We wish the pilots, doctors and paramedics every success for the future and will continue to promote their invaluable work.”

Each call-out costs the emergency service an average of £2,500 so the sum raised by the Norsemen will help fund a potentially life-saving mission. Sussex Air Ambulance Fundraising Manager Bridget Pepper said: “The helicopter is often called to road traffic collisions involving motorcyclists. We are so indebted to the biking community for their support and would like to thank the Norsemen for their fantastic fundraising efforts.”

If you would like to make a donation to the Air Ambulance please call 01622 833833. Alternatively cheques can be made payable to Sussex Air Ambulance and posted to Wheelbarrow Park Estate, Pattenden Lane, Marden, Kent, TN12 9QJ


Bexhill Observer / Bexhill News
Saturday, 11th September 2010. Published Date: 10 August 2010. By Lynda Turner

Bikers present cheque to Air Ambulance
The Norsemen present a cheque for £1,250 to Sussex Air Ambulance crew

A band of brothers (and sisters), better known as the Norsemen motorcycle club Sussex, took a day out to personally present a cheque for £1,250 to the Sussex Air Ambulance. The cheque was part of the proceeds from the Norsemen’s fifth annual charity Poker Run; a further cheque for £750 was also presented to St Michaels Hospice.

The day commenced with the bikers meeting at their headquarters in St Leonards on Sea. Then, with club president Dexter Martin leading the way, the bikers mounted gleaming bikes, trikes (and a car), and the Norseman set off, travelling en-mass to the home of the Sussex Air Ambulance, near Horsham, to present the cheque and meet the crew. The Air Ambulance is a service that secretary Kevin Martin said bikers have great respect for: “We (bikers) rely on them but we all hope we are never going to have to use them.”

However, club member, Martin ‘two toes’ Humphrey, had first hand experience of the Air Ambulance after he was involved in an accident in 2006. Martin said: “I went into the side of a car that was turning right and came off my bike. Luckily there was a doctor travelling in a car behind me, he gave me morphine as my toes were hanging off and my femur was sticking out of my leg. I passed out and he rang for the Air Ambulance.” Martin said he was “very lucky” to have had the expertise of both the doctor, who initially helped him, and the Air Ambulance crew who quickly arrived at the scene. The accident left Martin minus two toes and he now has a metal pin in his femur, but he hasn’t been put off motor cycling and was back on his bike within 6 months of the accident.

It costs £1.7 million a year to keep the Air Ambulance operational and Martin said he thinks it’s a great charity to donate to: “It’s something that everyone should think about, anyone involved in an accident may have to use it one day.”

On arrival at the Air Ambulance base at Dunsfold Park, the Norsemen were warmly greeted by fundraiser Bridget Pepper. A tour of the premises, including a look round the Air Ambulance – which had already been out on two calls that day – followed, before the bikers proudly presented their cheque to Bridget, Doctor Karin Deer, Paramedic Adam, and pilot Peter Driver. Bridget said: “We are so grateful to these guys and girls. We have to raise £1.7 million a year and an amount as big as £1,250 is a phenomenal help for us. They’ve also helped raise awareness throughout the county that we are a charity – something that a lot of people don’t realise.”

Travelling at 150 miles an hour, the Air Ambulance can reach the entire county in minutes, reaching a hospital in a fraction of the time that a land ambulance takes. It receives no government or lottery funding and although that has some financial disadvantages it does mean it is not tied to any single NHS hospital.

Pilot Peter Driver said that is advantageous in a life or death situation: “We can go to the nearest appropriate specialist centre, for example a burns or neurological unit. The Air Ambulance is a very quick and efficient way to get to the scene of an accident and move the patient away.